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     Volume TWO 2010

Fingerpick Magazine - Brought to you by Googalies, The World's Finest Musical Instrument Cloth

Cover Page - Current Issue of Fingerpick Magazine, the publication dedicated to furthering the creative and performing abilities of all musicians, especially those who desire to become contributing members of the music industry.

Unique perspectives on the music industry, including manufacturing, performance issues, creativity, style, and product perception

Covering the basics of guitar including, how to quickly and accurately tune your guitar, instrument selection, guitar tuners, transposition, fretboard layout, alternate tunings, chord diagrams, and general music theory

The Acoustic Guitar, A comprehensive guide to various brands, styles and designs, updated on a regular basis to ultimately form a rich database of their characteristic strengths, weaknesses, with video and audio samples of their sound and performance capabilities

The Electric Guitar, one of the most significant advances in popular music, explored in depth with video and audio recording of their characteristic sound and performance capabilities

Every tool and accessory imagineable for the guitar player including, capos, strings, picks, saddles. nuts, and an endless array of tools to cusomize your instrument

Technical tips by various top guitar techs, luthiers, recording engineers, pro performers, and players, on every aspect of how to achieve the optimum from your guitar in any situation

Video demonstrations of various guitar techniques to quickly enhance your guitar playing and performance abilities. This is the Heart and Soul of Fingerpick Magazine, where you will find the ultimate in efficient guitar learning techniques.

The place to see and hear various guitars and other instruments in action incorporating techiques and tips from elsewhere in Fingerpick Magazine

High quality mp3s of a wide range of guitars and other instruments, played and recorded to optimize their own sound capabilities as well as their relative position in larger mixes

Exploring the world of high quality audio and video home and studio production, cameras, mics, hard disk recording, DAW recording, midi production and arrangement, sound modules, keyboards, midi controllers, and lots of guitars

Learning the midi language, midi sequencers, midi controller, midi arrangement integration, midi synchronization with analog tracks

Want to get the most out of your musical performances. This is the place to see the equipment and techniques for success. Microphones, cabeling, mixers, mic stands, speakers, sound reinforcement, preamps, pickups, subwoofers and more

Audio and Video Demonstrations of various acoustic guitar pickups, electric guitar pickups, piezo, UST, soundboard transducers, magnetic sound hole pickups, Sunrise, Lace, DTAR, Seymour Duncan, B-Band, K&K, Schertler, PUTW and many others with installation tips and procedures

We will take a look here at a number of Guitar amps, their capabilities, and their maintenance. Tube amps, Solid state amps, acoustic amps, DSP equipped amps - always a work in progress

A special section on the influence music has on children and the amazing musical abilities that even young children can develop if encouraged properly.

An ever expanding list of manufacturers of your favorite musical products and how to reach and develop a relationship with them

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How to reach Fingerpick Magazine and submit your thoughts and music for the world to see and hear

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